Chicago Lyft driver is recovering after his passengers held two guns to his head, stole his smartphone and beat him unconscious on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.

Covered in blood and his eye badly wounded, Mohammad Ilyas awoke on the ground of the 5700 block of South Michigan Avenue. Minutes earlier, Ilyas had been engaged in typical rideshare chit-chat with his attackers.

The assault occurred after Ilyas picked up four male passengers through the Lyft application. As Ilyas reached the final destination, two of the passengers allegedly drew guns and held them to Ilyas’ temples. After demanding his phone, cash and personal belongings, the Lyft passengers allegedly dragged Ilyas out of the car and beat his face and body. (Photos of injuries attached).

After several minutes, the young men fled.  They have yet to be identified.

Ilyas has since retained Chicago-based LegalRideshare, LLC to recover the costs of medical treatment, pain and suffering, emotional injury, and property loss.

“Rideshare companies constantly advertise the safety of their services,” LegalRideshare attorney Bryant Greening said. “Yet, they do nothing to protect the drivers.” Greening said Lyft has a legal duty to ensure its drivers are not paired with aggressive, violent or criminal passengers.

Lyft’s website promotes its rideshare service, stating, “Safety is our top priority and it is our goal to make every ride safe, comfortable, and reliable. Since the beginning, we have worked hard to design policies and features that protect our community.”

Greening questions what exactly Lyft is doing to ensure driver safety. “We get calls every week from drivers who have been harassed, robbed, or assaulted,” Greening said. “However, we’ve seen no changes in rideshare safety policies.”

Ilyas and his attorneys are asking the community to help identify his attackers. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact LegalRideshare or the Chicago Police Department.

A personal injury lawsuit is pending.