CHICAGO – A Chicago Lyft driver is at large after crashing his vehicle into his would-be passenger on April 16, 2017. The victim was left dazed, bloody and injured as the driver fled the scene.

Yvette Camacho, of Chicago, and her boyfriend, Harley Sexton, requested a ride through the Lyft rideshare application following an evening in the West Loop neighborhood.

As the Lyft driver arrived at the Halsted and Fulton pick-up location, his vehicle allegedly grazed Sexton’s arm. The driver then allegedly swerved, accelerated and crashed into Camacho. The 28-year-old flew backwards and landed violently on the curb and street pavement.

The driver, identified only as “Michael,” allegedly peeled out and fled as Camacho laid on the ground with head, back, elbow and hand injuries.

Despite quickly responding to an emergency call, Chicago Police were unable to apprehend the suspect. Camacho’s search for the driver has been futile, as Lyft has yet to provide any identifying information beyond the driver’s profile picture.

Camacho continues to treat and has incurred thousands of dollars in medical bills. She has retained LegalRideshare, LLC to recover the costs of medical treatment, pain and suffering and disability. A lawsuit is pending as Camacho and police gather information as to the driver’s identity.

LegalRideshare attorney Bryant Greening said this is yet another example of criminal activity in Chicago’s rideshare industry. “These events are becoming all too familiar,” Greening said. “Lyft has an obligation to provide safe rideshare for every person who uses its application. In this instance, the company failed Ms. Camacho and our community.”

“Michael” was driving a silver Chevy Malibu at the time of the crash. Camacho and her attorneys are asking for the public’s help in identifying the driver.

Under Illinois law, a driver involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in personal injury must immediately stop at the scene of the accident. Failure to do so constitutes a Class 4 felony.

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