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Lenny S.

After being involved in an accident while working rideshare, I was nervous about how new the industry was and how knowledgeable attorneys may have been with the gig companies. I found LegalRideshare and Bryant Greening in my search, retained them and had the absolute best experience with them.


Bryant and his team were fantastic. They answered all my questions and were available whenever needed. They make the process smooth, and they will call to update you on progress. I’m pleased and will recommend this firm to anyone.

Mark K.

Great job from you and your team. Thanks for all your hard work. It was a amazing job you did for me. Thanks again!!!

Teddi B.

My experience with LegalRideshare was wonderful. Bryant helped me so much after an accident left me with a neck injury. He got all my medical and physical therapy paid for and I was also awarded a settlement. LegalRideshare cares about each driver and has been a strong supporter of the driving community here in Chicago.

Alexis H.

I really loved working with LegalRideshare, and Bryant! Through the entire process, the team was really informative and had my best interest in mind. I appreciated being given every option and having the options explained in detail with no pressure to choose one way or the other. I would 100% recommend their services to anyone.

Alexandra A.

LegalRideshare gave me peace of mind during a really terrible time in my life. From beginning to end, Bryant made me feel like I was excellent hands. Couldn’t recommend LegalRideshare and Bryant especially more.


Their professionalism is impeccable and I never felt like I was just a case number. I felt at ease knowing that this team is knowledgeable about the complexities and unique situation that comes with being a rideshare driver. rather than just being a generalized "accident" lawyer filled with empty promises.

INJURED? LegalRideshare gets you paid.
Below are a few examples of our attorneys' results.

$44,000,000 - Wrongful death, gig worker
$2,480,000 - Injured worker, automobile crash
$1,400,000 - Injured worker, negligent government actor
$1,035,000 - Injured worker, trip and fall
$650,000 - Injured rideshare driver, automobile crash
$650,000 - Injured rideshare driver, automobile crash
$610,000 - Injured bicyclist, doored by car
$600,000 - Injured e-scooter rider, hit pothole

$525,000 - Injured rideshare passenger, automobile crash
$500,000 - Injured rideshare passengers, automobile crash
$400,000 - Injured rideshare passenger, automobile crash
$400,000 - Injured worker, slip and fall
$315,000 - Injured rideshare driver, automobile crash
$290,000 - Injured gig worker, automobile crash
$250,000 - Injured rideshare passenger, automobile crash
$220,000 - Injured rideshare passenger, automobile crash

About LegalRideshare

LegalRideshare was launched nearly a decade ago after Uber and Lyft drivers contacted personal injury attorney Bryant Greening about accident and injury claims. The industry was so new that most claimants didn't understand the insurance and legal nouances. That's when Bryant formed LegalRideshare, to give drivers an advocate: he even signed up as an Uber driver to step into his clients' shoes.

Fast forward to today, LegalRideshare is entirely focused on gig economy accident and injury cases. We've served thousands of clients around the country and secured millions for injured drivers, passengers, and victims.



No Insurance? No Problem.

LegalRideshare can connect you with medical providers for any medical issue. We fight to ensure your medical bills are paid at no out-of-pocket expense to you.

How It Works:

1. Retain LegalRideshare
2. Get the medical treatment you need
3. Get paid

LegalRideshare Fights For You.

An accident or injury is a traumatic event. LegalRideshare will get you back on your feet and back on the road. Whether a driver, passenger or victim...LegalRideshare fights for you.


We've put millions of dollars into our clients' pockets. Driver, passenger, or victim, LegalRideshare fights to ensure the best possible outcome.

Property Damage

In a wreck? Unclear how to handle the insurance claims process, or even which insurance company to call? The attorneys of LegalRideshare provide the information you need to get moving.

Wage Loss

We've put millions of dollars into our clients' pockets. A driver who cannot, is a driver who cannot earn. LegalRideshare fights to recover any lost wages after a crash.

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Minimizing your potential liability and damages is the name of the game.

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It’s on the big dog, the company, to take those proactive steps rather than push those responsibilities and those risks onto the little guy...

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It's truly evil to bait and switch in this type of environment. Their livelihood and well-being are on the line.


Account sharing 'is a dirty little secret' among American drivers...

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Some people feel hesitant to say anything if the driver is speeding or following other cars too closely, but if you don’t feel safe you need to take action.

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...we’re going to have to see what happens as more and more of these injury cases are brought and are litigated.

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The holidays are a busy time for everyone...but safety should stay a priority.


By putting them on notice and then filing this action, we believe that it would be unlawful for this data to go missing.



We’re here today because a coward left Allyson battered and bloody in the middle of the street, and by remaining silent, the responsible scooter company allows that coward to hide in the shadows.

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There is no more dangerous place to be than in a locked car traveling with a stranger.

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Uber and Lyft’s entire business model hinges on the drivers not being employees. They’re afraid of stepping over that line, and as a result, the community suffers.


It’s an ultra-hazardous job. Nobody thinks they’re going to get hurt—until they do.