On August 20, 2017, at or near 1030 N. Clark St., in Chicago, IL, an Uber passenger was putting luggage into the trunk of an Uber vehicle. At that time, the trunk/hatchback door unexpectedly closed and struck the passenger on the head. It was later found that the Uber driver’s trunk was defective. The driver had notice of the condition, yet he allowed his customer to encounter it.trunk.jpg

As a result of the impact, the passenger was knocked unconscious, bled profusely, and was later diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. The symptoms persisted for months, causing the passenger to incur medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

The passenger has retained LegalRideshare to demand full compensation for her bodily injuries and damages. LegalRideshare in the only law firm in Chicago entirely dedicated to Uber and Lyft accident/injury claims.