These are such new modes of transportation that the courts have not weighed in on any of this…”
-Timesunion 6/29/19


Rules that aren’t enforced aren’t rules at all…”
-Chicago Tribune 6/28/19


You have to be aware of your surroundings and think how you would react if the situation turns sour … you have to listen to your instincts.” 
-The Star 4/08/19


We get calls every day from passengers and drivers who have been attacked, assaulted, harassed. We as a community need to make sure we are doing all we can to stay safe.” 
-CBS Chicago 4/01/19


We would argue there is not a reasonable expectation of privacy in a ride-share car. Think of your ride-share car as a city bus. If you wouldn’t do or say something in a city bus, you shouldn’t do it in a ride-share car. 
-CBS Chicago 2/08/19


Generally speaking, when weather is bad or [there is] a big event or something unusual in the city, history tells us fares will be higher…” 
-Chicago Tribune 1/29/19


“Allowing advertisements on Uber and Lyft cars is one step towards strengthening the driver community…” 
-Cook County Record 12/12/18


“You see these images of people bloody and broken and often there’s no obvious recourse…” 
-CNET 11/28/18


“Uber and Lyft put these facts on their website. They don’t do a good job of publicizing it. 
-NBC Chicago 10/17/18


“If we were the ones making a hiring decision(s), we probably wouldn’t have put them on the road.” 
-NBC Chicago 8/08/18


“The rule is very well crafted to fit into their legal objectives… 
-NBC Chicago 5/21/18


We’re urging everyone to plan a safe ride home before drinking this holiday season. This is a small token of our appreciation for the rideshare community and our commitment to safety.
-ABC7 Chicago 12/30/17


They do nothing to enforce those rules. The drivers aren’t trained. The drivers aren’t routinely monitored.”
-ABC7 Chicago 12/13/17