“The complaint serves as a warning shot that Uber will not stand by as Chicago attempts to impede its ability to dominate local transportation…” 
-Chicago Tribune 10/30/19


“Congestion isn’t just a rideshare problem. Targeting one sect of our community is inequitable, shortsighted and likely ineffective.” 
-ABC7 Chicago 10/23/19


“The tax specifically targets one of the most lucrative times, rush hour, and one of the most lucrative locations, downtown,” the LegalRideshare attorney said. “I see drivers taking a big hit in terms of their ability to earn wages.” 
-Chicago Tribune 10/21/19


“But community safety has to be the most important element,” he said. “If you have rules in place and you don’t enforce them, they’re not rules at all.”
-WBEZ News 10/14/19


“…we’ve heard from many people who have been injured, and community members dismayed by the clutter and the reckless operation of some of the riders.”
-Chicago Tribune 10/14/19


Drivers are concerned that they’re being used as drug mules in a lot of situations – unknowingly.”
-CBS 2 Chicago 8/19/19


By putting them on notice and then filing this action, we believe that it would be unlawful for this data to go missing. And Allyson’s chances at recovery entirely depend on the responsible parties being discovered.”
-Gizmodo 7/10/19


We’re here today because a coward left Allyson battered and bloody in the middle of the street, and by remaining silent, the responsible scooter company allows that coward to hide in the shadows.”
-CNET 7/8/19


The responsible parties must be held accountable, including covering the costs of the medical bills, lost wages and pain…
-Chicago Tribune 7/8/19


Greening said his office could push for criminal charges or, potentially, sue the rider or the company. All 10 companies or their lawyers will have to appear before a judge to answer to the petition.
-CBS 2 Chicago 7/8/19


“There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason about who’s responsible.”
-D Magazine 7/5/19


Our phones have been ringing because of both self-inflicted injuries from scooter riders and pedestrians and cyclists struck by riders of no fault of their own.”
-Cubed Chicago 6/26/19


“Other cities have been trying to set up spots where the scooters can be left, setting up zones where scooters can be dropped off at night, but a lot of the time that’s unenforceable…”
-CBS 2 Chicago 6/17/19


“…the scooter company is going to put their hands in the air and say, ‘it’s not our fault.’”
-CBS 2 Chicago 6/03/19


“The community needs to understand that children cannot be placed in the back of the cars with strangers…”
-CBS 2 Chicago 5/15/19


“Uber and Lyft’s entire business model hinges on the drivers not being employees. They’re afraid of stepping over that line, and as a result, the community suffers.”
-The Ringer 5/07/19


“This feels like a very comfortable experience and something we have welcomed into our everyday life, but at the end of the day you need to stay vigilant.
-Chicago Tribune 4/15/19


“There is no more dangerous place to be than in a locked car traveling with a stranger…”
-Chicago Tribune 4/08/19


“…false accusations have no place in rideshare and we need to make sure people are acting appropriately and fairly to everyone involved.”
-NBC 5 CHICAGO 3/13/19


“The rideshare companies do a really poor job of explaining the insurance implications to drivers…”
-CBS 2 CHICAGO 1/04/19