Driver Checklist For Handling Accidents

  • ✓ Call the police to make an accident report

  • ✓ Be polite but never admit fault or apologize to anyone

  • ✓ Don’t move the vehicles until told to do so by the police
    (unless you’re in a dangerous spot on the road)

  • ✓ Get the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all drivers, passengers and witnesses

  • ✓ Exchange insurance information with the other driver(s)

  • ✓ Take pictures of the scene, damage to the vehicles and any markings on the road (i.e., skid marks)

  • ✓ Don’t exit your car if you’re in a dangerous or high-traffic area

  • If you or your passengers are injured:

  • ✓ Call an ambulance, if necessary

  • ✓ Tell the police you are hurt

  • ✓ Seek medical treatment immediately

  • ✓ Be specific when describing your injury to medical providers

  • ✓ Tell medical providers the exact mechanism of your injury

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