CHICAGO – Chicago Uber and Lyft drivers will be allowed to advertise on and in their vehicles starting January 1, 2019. The drivers’ right to advertise comes after a nearly two-year battle in Federal Court against the City of Chicago. 

In 2017, LegalRideshare, LLC challenged a Chicago ordinance that prohibited the display of commercial advertisements on and in rideshare cars. The Chicago-based law firm argued the ordinance violated rideshare drivers’ constitutional rights to free speech and equal protection. 

Just last month, in direct response to the lawsuit, Chicago’s City Council amended its ordinance to allow rideshare drivers to advertise in the same way as taxicab drivers.

Judge Elaine Bucklo dismissed the lawsuit on Friday, December 7, 2018, as the amended ordinance rendered the case moot. “The drivers won,” LegalRideshare lawyer Bryant Greening said. “The city heard our demands and understood it was fighting a losing and unconstitutional battle.”

Greening said the amended law is a substantial win for drivers seeking to supplement their incomes and local companies hoping to reach new customers.

“Uber and Lyft drivers are always looking for creative ways to add to their bottom line,” Greening said. “The right to advertise gives drivers more control over their earning capacity and, in many cases, their ability to earn a living wage.”

Chicago’s rideshare drivers were represented by attorneys Greening and Matt Belcher. LegalRideshare is the only law firm in the United States entirely dedicated to rideshare accidents, injuries and legal matters. Greening can be contacted at 312-767-7950 or