A driver called LegalRideshare, clearly agitated and, more than anything, perplexed. How is this legal, he asked. We responded bluntly, it’s not.

The driver had been parked in an airport staging lot when a City of Chicago official ticketed him for “advertising” on his rideshare vehicle. The illegal “ad”: the driver’s own name and phone number, displayed so passengers could easily identify him.

As the voice of the injured driver, LegalRideshare has filed a motion in Federal Court to strike Chicago’s ban on rideshare advertisements as unconstitutional.

Some have asked: Why? What’s the true harm? 

The answers are simple Chicago’s ban violates drivers’ constitutional rights to free speech and equal protection. It serves to silence drivers and, perhaps more importantly, limits their ability to earn income.

Anyone who has driven down Michigan Avenue knows that taxicabs regularly display ads. The City of Chicago allows cabbies to earn thousands by wrapping cars, installing rooftop signs and displaying TV screens, posters and commercial logos.

A small sign on a headrest could mean a few hundred dollars in a rideshare driver’s pocket. A total car wrap could mean thousands. Why is the City of Chicago arbitrarily dictating that taxi drivers can earn and rideshare drivers cannot?

LegalRideshare refuses to stand by and let our community suffer. 

Whether you’re injured in a car accident or limited in your ability to earn income, LegalRideshare.com is YOUR advocate.