New York gets serious about traffic, a former Denver Bronco gets sacked, and drivers strike in California. Let’s break it down.

Monday 3/25

New York City’s traffic is no joke. Which is why the city is planning to become the first in the US to introduce congestion pricing. According to The New York Times, “Though state leaders have not ironed out details, they had reached consensus on Monday that the plan was necessary to help pay for much-needed repairs to the city’s beleaguered subway system.”

Tuesday 3/26

attorney and co-founder Bryant Greening explained why you should always go to the hospital after an accident. Take a look!

Wednesday 3/27

Former Denver Bronco Deiontrez Mount was cited early Sunday after he allegedly assaulted his Uber driver. According to ABC7 in Denver, “Mount then ‘initiated a physical altercation’ with the man, according to court documents. The driver fought back, giving Mount a bloody nose.”

Thursday 3/28


Thursday brought more unfortunate news for drivers. According to “College of the Holy Cross football and soccer players allegedly were among a group of students videotaped drunkenly abusing an Uber driver outside Leitrim’s Pub in the early morning hours of March 16.” The driver kept his dash cam on to record the nearly 15 minutes of abuse.   

Friday 3/29

We ended last week with a new IPO and a revolt of drivers. As Lyft went public, Uber and Lyft drivers in California went on strike and refused to drive. NPR reported on the strike, quoting one driver: “Both Lyft and Uber are trying to figure out how to make their companies look profitable to investors. And so, who are they squeezing? The folks doing the work for the company.”