The ride-sharing industry is picking up a new local passenger.

It’s LegalRideshare, a small locally based law firm that only handles cases linked to the burgeoning ride-sharing business dominated by powerhouses Uber Technologies and Lyft. The two-person firm deals primarily with personal injury or property damage claims.

Admittedly, the entry of a boutique law firm in an area already loaded with lawyers is not usually noteworthy. Yet what’s intriguing about LegalRideshare is its unusual, single-minded commitment to what’s known as a “disrupter” industry, a relatively new business model that’s challenging established laws, rules and regulations.

The firm’s emergence got me wondering if this isn’t a harbinger of new specialized law firms to come. Will other legal eagles opt to go “disruptive” and exclusively focus on the likes of Airbnb home lodging, high-tech home food delivery or whatever trend comes next?

Right now, it appears LegalRideshare is a pacesetter.

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