A robber uses Uber, drones deliver food, and a new bill that could bankrupt Uber and Lyft. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

Monday 6/17

On Monday, New York Post reported on a man who robbed a Dunkin’, then used an Uber as his get-away car. They added: “The Uber driver led officers to Sandson’s home address on Grant Avenue in Brentwood — where he was dropped off after the alleged holdup.”

Tuesday 6/18

Fast food is about to become flying food. The Spoon covered Uber’s plan to use drones to deliver In-N-Haute Burgers in San Diego. While it sounds like the future is here, there’s a caveat: “…food isn’t dropped via drone directly on your doorstep. Rather, the drone flies it to a set drop-off location where an Uber Eats driver will retrieve it and take it the rest of the way.”

Wednesday 6/19

Assault, battery and harassment have long been a problem in rideshare, and there’s little sign of progress. The Guardian covered the issue on Wednesday: “A Guardian investigation has revealed numerous other cases where female drivers for Uber and Lyft have experienced safety issues, ranging from sexual assault and harassment to being attacked by riders. In each case, the drivers felt Uber and Lyft offered little to no assistance or support, and that current company policies are inadequate.”

Thursday 6/20

New features for drivers are about to hit Uber’s app. Mashable covered the story: “When drivers need to cancel a trip, now they’ll be able to specify on the app why or what’s wrong. The information doesn’t go to the passenger (yet) but it gives drivers a record and “proof” if the cancellation is at all disputed.”

Friday 6/21

We end the week with the continuing struggle of what drivers actually are: employees or independent contractors? Business Insider reported that California has a new bill: “If passed, the law would help drivers in California achieve what groups of drivers have unsuccessfully attempted to do in jurisdictions around the world for years: to secure the benefits and treatment entitled to full-fledged employees.” Uber and Lyft have both acknowledged it would be devastating for their business if the law is passed.

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