A fatal accident in Chicago, minors in rideshare cars, and scooters land in the Windy City. Let’s break it down.

Monday 4/29

The week started off with an accident in LA, where a passenger was seriously injured. According to NBC4 in Los Angeles, the injured passenger attributes fault to Lyft cars illegally parked nearby: “I want my life back,” Polonca said. “I’m just not used to sitting still.”

Tuesday 4/30

Courtesy: WGN

Chicagoans are coping with a horrific Uber accident, in which a young woman was killed by a drink driver. WGN reported: “As he drove down the Stevenson Expressway, Matariyeh’s car slammed into the back of an Uber, causing it to burst into flames.” Jamie Poulos did not survive the crash.  

Wednesday 5/1

USA Today posted a story asking if parents would let their kid take an Uber alone. According to Uber and Lyft’s policies, minors must be accompanied by an adult. The story adds: “Parents may feel they have no better alternatives. Sure, they worry about safety, but they find themselves balancing their concerns against certain realities”.

Thursday 5/2

Your first ride on a scooter will be the most dangerous. That’s according to a study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Texas’ Austin Public Health Department. CNN covered the story and added: “One in three injured riders were hurt on their first trip, and about 63% had ridden nine times or fewer before their injury.”

Which leads us to…

Friday 5/3

Scooters have finally made it to Chicago. Well, they’re about to. Chicago Tribune reported:The city on Wednesday released details of a pilot program allowing electric scooter sharing in a large section of the Northwest, Southwest and West sides…”. Let the scooter “fun” begin.

As always, have a safe and fantastic weekend!