A driver gets assaulted, riders get banned and Uber and Lyft buddy up? Let’s break it down.

Monday 5/27

The week started with shocking footage of a Lyft passenger savagely beating his driver. NBC4 in New York covered the story  and added “He whales on Madiedo from the back seat, and at one point tries to get in the front seat of the car, which is still in motion.”  

Tuesday 5/28

Did Uber kill the taxi industry? New York Times hosted a podcast about the struggles the taxi industry faced and what caused it to happen.

Wednesday 5/29

On Wednesday, it was officially announced Uber will start banning riders with low ratings. NPR reported: “They will receive tips on how to increase their scores — suggestions like being polite, taking their trash out of the vehicle and refraining from asking drivers to speed.” 

Thursday 5/30

What started as an argument over a cleanup fee ended up as a fatal shooting. The News & Observer reported that the driver pulled over and asked the rider to get out of the car. It escalated outside as the rider threatened to run over the driver with his own car…ending in the driver shooting the passenger.

Friday 5/31

The week ends with a surprising twist for Uber and Lyft. As The Street reported, one analyst believes that Uber and Lyft aren’t competitors at all, but a duopoly. He added:  “A duopoly being Uber and Lyft because they kind of need to work in tandem to make sure that they can maintain the appropriate amount of price levels to improve margins and keep them at a decent level to kind of weather this storm of, of operating losses right now. “

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