Uber gets a “jump” on their electric bikes, rideshare goes kid-friendly, and we talk rideshare taxes. Let’s break it down.

Monday 2/25

Motherboard posted an interesting article about how Uber / Lyft have jumped into the healthcare system. But at what cost?

“The fact that Uber and Lyft both have dedicated teams working on their health initiatives is significant. What’s unclear is what kind of impact the companies are having on the overall healthcare system.”

Tuesday 2/26

LegalRideshare attorney and co-founder Bryant Greening sat down with CPA Jeff Badu to shed some light on tax exemptions specific to rideshare. Take a look!

Wednesday 2/27

While the country is both fascinated and infuriated by scooters, Uber has been been quietly pushing its JUMP electric bike program. According to electrek, JUMP bikes get more riders than their car counterparts.

Thursday 2/28

What do you get when you combine kids and rideshare? About $40 million. Zum, a ridesharing service for kids, just raised $40 million Series C funding. As Techcrunch reported, Zūm is a mobile app that lets parents schedule rides for their kids from fully vetted drivers. Currently, it’s partnered with 150 schools and has transported more than 500,000 students. 

Friday 3/1

We end the week with some sad and scary news. NBC12 reported an Uber driver was assaulted by his passengers after the driver asked his allegedly disorderly riders to exit the vehicle. One passenger allegedly punched the driver then fled the scene. A reminder, LegalRideshare is dedicated to helping rideshare drivers and passengers who are victims of such assaults.

As always, have a safe and happy weekend!