Scooter’s get their own hustle, injuries follow and groceries are on the horizon for the taking. Let’s break it down.

Monday 11/26

We all know about the scooters, but what about the people who charge them? St. Louis Post-Dispatch dove into the world of chargers, adding :”The hunt can also be fun and addictive. Chargers compare the job to a real-life video game — scouting for scooters’ locations in the app, rushing to scoop them up before competitors, beating the clock to get them back on the street.”

Tuesday 11/27

On Tuesday, CNN sat down with Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi on his plans to fix the workplace. You can check out the video HERE.

Wednesday 11/28

On Wednesday, scooters dominated the news cycle. It turns out, in addition to disrupting cities, they’re disrupting people…physically. CNET published an article about the rise in scooter injuries across the US. LegalRideshare’s Bryant Greening weighed in:

“You see these images of people bloody and broken and often there’s no obvious recourse,” Greening said. “These cases are so new and these companies are so new, they have not had the opportunity to make their way through the courts yet. It’s still an evolving world.”

Thursday 11/29

On Thursday, Chicago Sun-Times reported that a cab driver who was kicked in the head by an Uber driver had died. The family of the victim wants criminal charges filed. The victim’s son said, “How can you, as a state’s attorney, watch someone karate kick another person like it’s an mixed martial arts cage match and then not charge him?”

Friday 11/30

We end the week with some food news, as Uber plans to double down on its food delivery service. AOL reports the move will begin with groceries in Canada and expand from there. They’re already in the process of ramping up staffing in the Toronto office.

As always have a safe happy weekend!