Chicago lands in the middle of the scooter wars, the caps take their toll and how much do you know about rideshare cameras? Let’s break it down.

Monday 8/13

The rideshare cap in NYC is already putting the squeeze on drivers. On Monday, hundreds of people lined up to get their cars registered as a “for-hire vehicle.As the New York Times reported,  one man spent four hours before emerging from Uber’s office with his paperwork ready to go.

Tuesday 8/14

Lights, camera, rideshare? Do you know your rights as a passenger in an Uber / Lyft? Alex Perez of ABC News talked with attorney Bryant Greening about what you need to know before getting in your next ride.

Wednesday 8/15

Rideshare bikes are piling up…literally. In San Diego, hundreds of Ofo bikes have been stacked (and left) at a metal factory near the city. It gets even weirder…Ofo officials told 10News last month it is committed to staying in San Diego after it accidentally sent out an alert saying they were leaving town.” 

Thursday 8/16

Even yesterday, the NYC rideshare cap and it’s rippling effects stayed in the news. A Forbes article addressed the cap and explained why it may not work for all cities: “Many urban planners and transportation economists tend to agree that there are other, more effective solutions to help steer cities towards safer, cleaner, and efficient streets than hard caps on vehicles.”

Friday 8/17

We wrap the week with a little hometown news. As the scooter wars hits the Windy City, Chicago officials are racing against the clock to draft regulations. In other major cities, the scooter craze has gotten, well…crazy. In Los Angeles, scooters have been set on fire, tossed off balconies and even dumped into the ocean. 

Will they stay in Chicago? Will they be lit on fire? Only time will tell.

Have a great weekend!