Comedians getting arrested, kids getting lunches, and Waze has a big update. Let’s break it down.

Monday 10/08

On Monday, news surfaced about Comedian Katt Williams. He apparently assaulted his Uber driver who was taking him to a performance in Portland and was arrested shortly after. According to ABC8 News, Williams is charged with 4th-degree assault and is being held on $2,500 bail at the Multnomah County Jail. 

Tuesday 10/09

What’s your kid’s lunch? Apparently, anything they want. In a highschool in California, kids are ordering via UberEats during lunch. The school is asking to curb the deliveries since they pose a security threat and disrupt the classes.

Wednesday 10/10

On Wednesday, we learned about Waze’s new feature: Waze Carpool. According to Chicago Sun Times, Drivers get paid a small fee to cover some of their costs for gas and other expenses and riders just need the Waze app to request a ride. 

Thursday 10/11

On Thursday, Uber made an unusual request to the SEC. They sent a letter  asking for rules changes that would allow drivers to get stocks in the company. This would put a whole new spin on “gig workers”. 

Friday 10/12

We end the week with a little traffic. Or a lot of it. According to Hometown Life, Uber drivers in downtown Plymouth have been causing traffic jams and safety concerns. Plymouth has now designated two drop-off and pick-up points for Uber and Lyft to help remedy the situation. Perhaps this trend will spread to other, larger cities? 

Have a safe, and happy weekend!