When the “Deadliest Catch” becomes the caught…

The Birds keep flying away and Lyft dishes out some more cash. That’s right, it’s been another interesting week in rideshare. Let’s break it down.

Monday 7/30

Dude, where’s my bike? If it’s a Divvy, it may be gone. After a slew of thefts, Divvy is undertaking a wide-scale retrofit of its bike docks. The thieves’ apparent M.O.: each stolen Divvy bike has had a bent front wheel. The company says its taking aggressive measures to pump the brakes on the heists.

Tuesday 7/31

Want $550? Get rid of your car for a month and it’s yours. At least, that’s what Lyft is telling Chicagoans. According to The Verge, the first 100 motorists to ditch their keys will get $300 in Lyft ride credits (for carpool trips only), $45 for a month-long Divvy bikeshare pass, $100 in Zipcar credits, and $105 for “L” train and bus service. Is it a gimmick? Maybe. Will people do it? Totally. 

Wednesday 8/01

Wednesday brought us more news of rideshare companies throwing around cash. NYC has recently been a hotbed for tension between taxis and rideshare. Apparently, Uber and Lyft are trying to help by offering a $100 million fund for underwater medallion owners. The mayor and City Council said no.

Thursday 8/02

If you think Lyft and Divvy are the only companies investing in city infrastructure, think again. Bird is planning to fund protected bike lanes, which it presumably hopes to use for its electric scooters. Perhaps not so coincidentally, the company pitched this safety measure as it’s actively fighting existing California regulations.  

Friday 8/03

We wrapped up the week with a little celebrity news. Famed fisherman and “Deadliest Catch” star, Sig Hansen, just settled with an Uber driver after an alleged August 2017 altercation. Sig allegedly screamed and cursed at the driver and kicked and dented the Uber car after his ride was canceled in route. 

As always be safe, drive safe, and have a great weekend!