This week had no shortage of news. It’s time to break it down.

Monday 9/3

On Monday, a Lyft passenger’s ride went from friendly to uncomfortable. First, she was constantly hit on by her driver. But that wasn’t all. According to CBS6 in Albany, it got even worse. “He was like, ‘Oh, I’m just going to walk you out,’ so he took me out of the car, shut the door, and I got out of the van as soon as I could and he was coming in behind me, like trying to get in the door, so I slammed it,” she said. Lyft responded, but no word if the driver was deactivated.

Tuesday 9/4

In Dallas, news broke of an unfortunate death involving a Lime rider. According to NBC5 (Dallas), the rider was found unresponsive 100 yards from his broken Lime scooter. The family started a GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses. 

Wednesday 9/5

Uber passengers with bad ratings better shape up…at least if you live in Australia or New Zealand. Riders with a rating under 4-stars will be slapped with a six month ban. According to Business Insider this is an attempt to weed out bad actors.

Thursday 9/6

Scooters are on the rise! And….so are hospital visits. In Santa Monica alone, the city has responded to 34 serious accidents involving the devices this summer, according to Chicago Tribune. Lime is requiring users to learn about helmet safety, while Bird is currently lobbying against such legislation in California. Apparently, as scooters continue to increase in scale, so will injuries. 

Friday 9/7

Have you heard about Paul McCartney’s secret show in NYC? Well, apparently, Lyft has! According to Fast Company, the rideshare app is shuttling fans to a secret location to promote McCartney’s new solo album, Egypt Station.

That’s a wrap. As always, have a great weekend!