“Go home phone you’re drunk”. Or something like that.

This week in rideshare we’ve seen new mags, new tech that checks “drunk phone holding” and Lyft heroes. We also highlight a lawsuit we’re currently handling. Let’s break it down.

Monday 6/11

After the news of cab driver suicides covered the rideshare news last week, Uber’s CEO wants cities to impose a fee on all Uber trips to help those cabbies who bought medallions at sky-high rates, and are now suffering. “The stories that we hear about taxi drivers and medallion owners who are struggling, they are just as heartbreaking for us as they are for readers of The Post,” he said.

Are you drunk? Trying to call an Uber? Well it may never come. Uber just filed a patent that uses AI to find out if you’re drunk. The trick is in how you hold the phone and your misspellings. If it identifies you as beyond a little too drunk, it could deny you the ride.

Tuesday 6/12

Remember Skymall (who doesn’t love that) or Hemispheres? The magazines you get to read during flights? Well, looks like Uber decided to get the jump on adding a magazine of its own for ride-sharing passengers. Titled “Vehicle”, it’s a mix of journalism, poetry, and more branded content. The magazine has shipped to Seattle and Washington D.C.

Wednesday 6/13

$500 Million is a lot of money. It feels like even more money when it turns out it wasn’t invested too wisely. Two years ago General Motors poured $500 Million into Lyft, in hopes to eventually co-develop an autonomous ride-hailing car network. But, things haven’t worked out so well. According to the CEO of GM, no projects are currently underway. 

Thursday 6/14

On Thursday, LegalRideshare officially filed a complaint against Lyft after our client allegedly sustained serious injuries from a Lyft driver (with an extensive violent, criminal history) who punched him repeatedly in the face and head.

You can read the full release here

Friday 6/15

A Lyft driver saves the day! After a fire broke out at a motel in NJ, an off-duty Lyft driver leaped into action and made sure everyone was safe. The driver dialed 911 while simultaneously sprinting to the motel’s office. 

As always, have a happy and safe weekend!