Accidents are on the rise, the return of vomit fraud, and female riders are worried. Let’s break it down.

Monday 4/8

Think rideshare is saving lives? Think again. MarketWatch published a story about a rise in deadly accidents, suggesting “a 3% rise in serious and deadly accidents in major American cities once ride-hail platforms are introduced.” The study comes from Rice University and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Uber and Lyft say the study and findings lack merit.

Tuesday 4/9

“Uber Vouchers” are coming, The Verge wrote in a Tuesday article. The program will allow companies to create customized Voucher campaigns and programs within a specified budget, set pick-up and drop-off locations, and an established time for an offer. Bars can even buy vouchers to ensure drunk customers get home safely. Sounds like win for everyone from corporations to event planners to bar-hoppers.

Wednesday 4/10

Vomit fraud is back! Or perhaps, it never went away. ABC7 in Los Angeles posted a story about a California couple getting scammed. The woman explained: “I get a notification from Lyft that I’m being charged a $100 damage fee,” she explained. “The driver was claiming that we threw up in his vehicle. I was really upset and I thought this is a mistake right off the bat.”

Thursday 4/11

What should a passenger do if harassed by a rideshare driver? Mashable’s Thursday story offered some tips. Some key takeaways included: “After the ride, in the Lyft app you can report driver behavior in the ‘Get Help’ section.” Lyft’s 24/7 safety team is always an option — even mid-ride.

Friday 4/12

On Friday, the Chicago Tribune highlighted the concerns and fears of women in the rideshare community. LegalRideshare attorney and co-founder Bryant Greening offered, “It’s important to know that you are in the back of a stranger’s car,” Greening said. “This feels like a very comfortable experience and something we have welcomed into our everyday life, but at the end of the day you need to stay vigilant.”

Have a safe and happy weekend!