From safety to tasty and everything in-between.

This week in Rideshare, Uber added some new tweaks to its app, joined up with Cargo and we officially opened up the LegalRideshare Lounge! Let’s break it down.

Monday 7/16


As easy as rideshare can be, it’s often a struggle RIGHT BEFORE you find the correct driver / rider. Uber is trying to solve that by adding a “Flare”. As The Verge explains, “Now, riders can use Uber’s app to light up their phone screens with a specific color, giving drivers a clearer sense of which levitating smartphone to look for. Drivers will receive a message so they know to look for, say, a yellow screen rather than a pink or green one.”



Tuesday 7/17

More Uber/Lyft competition, here we come! ReachNow, originally a company that offered BMW and Mini Cooper rentals, is jumping into the ride-hailing service. The big difference seems to be in the standard of quality: Reachnow is aiming for a higher-end user experience such as Voss water and even quiet time.

Wednesday 7/18

Lyft is investigating how a former driver, now charged in a series of rapes, was able to get through the system. More incredible, Federal immigration officials say he was living here illegally. Uber wasn’t off the hook Wednesday either. News broke of a rider catching her Uber driver peeing into a bottle. When you gotta go, you gotta go? 

Thursday 7/19

Snacks galore! A few weeks ago we tweeted about Cargo and its growing use in Uber and Lyft rides. Well, it appears Uber has the cookie jar all to themselves. The rideshare company has an exclusive deal with Cargo to distribute its snack-filled mini vending machines to drivers through Uber’s driver hubs.

Friday 7/20

The LegalRideshare Lounge has officially opened and we started it off with Free Pizza Friday! If you’re in or near Chicago, stop on in to recharge, get coffee, play games, or if you’re lucky, get some free pizza. The details are:

M-F / 9AM – 5PM

Enjoy your weekend!