Ribs for days!

This week in rideshare adds old tricks (scams) to a new industry. Lyft has proven it’s doing well, while Uber continues to clean up its mess. We also got a fun event coming up today through Sunday. Let’s break it down.

Monday 6/25

Courts have started to unravel just how deep the sexual assault cases run. To put simply: it’s not good for Uber. According to the Sunday Times, Uber has investigated 2,500 drivers in London over allegations including sexual assault, stalking, and dangerous driving. It ends up representing 6% of all drivers in London. Ouch.

Tuesday 6/26

The gig economy is here to stay and for some it’s been a promising and freeing experience to generate some cash. For others, it’s been a challenge. On Tuesday, Marketwatch posted an article including a few simple steps to help navigate this area and how to avoid any financial obstacles in the future.

Wednesday 6/27

Well, well, well, look at you Lyft! On Wednesday, CNN announced that Lyft is now worth twice what it was last year. A lot of the growth is attributed to Uber’s struggle with bad press, involving crashes with self driving cars, and the sexual assault allegations. Lyft now holds 35% of the ride-sharing market in the US, up from 22% in January 2017 and 17% in January 2016.

Thursday 6/28

Build it and cons will come. New scams have plagued Uber over the last few years like fraudsters signing up as drivers to get fees on fake cancellations, and cheated passengers with bogus discount rides offered on messaging boards. This new scam is a little different, and has hit thousands of ride-hail drivers, and millions of dollars have been diverted from their accounts.

Friday 6/29

Live in or near Chicago? Love ribs? Then come check us out at this years Ribfest Chicago: 4700 N Broadway. We’ll be there All weekend to answer questions about rideshare, offer prizes and play some Mario Kart 64!

Have a great weekend!