The “Legal Argument That Could Destroy Uber,” Lyft gets safer, and germs go along for the ride. Let’s break it down.

Monday 5/20

On Monday, Japlopnik posted an article about a high stakes battle Uber could face in the courts: “…a ruling in the company’s favor would paradoxically expose the ride-hailing giant to a separate legal challenge, one that has gotten far less attention. It poses an even greater existential threat not only to Uber, but most if not all the gig economy businesses: price fixing.” Time will tell if it goes that way. 

Tuesday 5/21

On Tuesday, Tech Crunch reported that Lyft is stepping up its safety game. The online magazine reported: “Like Uber, Lyft is also redesigning its app to better highlight the ride details — and specifically, making it easier to see the license plate number. When the car arrives, the driver photo, car photo and license plate appear in a pop-up in the app, alongside a reminder to match the plate to the one on the vehicle.”

Wednesday 5/22

On Wednesday, news broke that a Penn State professor (and moonlighting Uber driver) was charged in a second kidnapping case. NBC news reported that the professor “attempted to lock (a woman) in the car after she rejected him, but the woman kept unlocking the car.” The victim eventually escaped and the driver was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and harassment.

Thursday 5/23

As Uber’s IPO presses on, so do the protests. Gizmodo reported that about 100 rideshare drivers rallied in front of the Uber Hub in LA before joining up with fast food workers from McDonald’s. Both groups are fighting for higher minimum wage and better working conditions. 

Friday 5/24

The backseat of your ride can be a pretty dirty place. According to a Chicago Sun Times article: “Experts say that riding in the back seat of a ride-hailing vehicle is germier than a toilet seat and potentially more dangerous than sitting in front.” Ubers allegedly have 219 times the germs of taxis.

On that note —yuck — and have a safe and happy weekend!