Uber cuts back, scooters are off the streets, and fees are hitting Chicago. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

Monday 10/14

For the third time in 10-weeks, Uber is letting go of employees. CNET reported Uber has fired 350 employees, included staff from the self-driving car and Uber Eats teams. The article explains: “Khosrowshahi said that along with the layoffs on Monday, the company is also asking some staff to relocate.” It appears Uber may not have hit bottom just yet. 

Tuesday 10/15

800,000 rides and 4 months later and the scooter pilot in Chicago has come to an end. It wasn’t without its issues, however, as many riders (just like in other cities) ended up in the hospital. The Chicago Tribune reported on the story and talked with the Co-founder of LegalRideshare: “The vast majority of people who use scooters regularly will say it’s a huge success,” said Bryant Greening, co-founder of the law firm LegalRideshare. “However, we’ve heard from many people who have been injured, and community members dismayed by the clutter and the reckless operation of some of the riders.” 

Wednesday 10/16

As Uber continues with layoffs and hardships, the protests continue to mount. Vice reported that some Uber drivers are organizing protests at some of the Billionaire Investors’ Homes. Vice interviewed some of the protesters: “These guys are making billions of dollars while they’re claiming they can’t afford to pay us a fair wage,” said Jeff Perry, 39, an Uber driver from Sacramento, and one of the protest’s lead organizers. “This is a great opportunity to highlight the differences between the two classes within Uber.” 

Thursday 10/17

Looking for a job? Well Lyft is looking to give you a little….lift. As reported by engadget, The company has announced that it will offer free and discounted rides for people going to job interviews. The article states: “The program will initially be available in more than 35 cities across the US and Canada, and the nonprofits will connect people who could use some help with Lyft rides.”   

Friday 10/18

Rideshare trips in Chicago are about to cost a bit extra. As reported by Chicago Sun Times, Mayor Lightfoot has announced a $40 million congestion fee on solo ride-hail trips. The article explains:

A new “downtown zone surcharge” that amounts to $1.75 per-trip for single rides and 60 cents-per-trip for shared rides. The surcharge would apply to rides taken between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. on weekdays, when congestion is most prevalent. That would raise the total fee for solo trips in the downtown zone from 72 cents per ride to $3.

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