Little lime…little apps…lotta trends

This week in rideshare we saw the first (of many) rideshare plots in movies, more ups and downs for Uber and a sprinkle of new apps . Let’s break it down.

Monday 7/9

Uber added Lime scooters to its app, making it the “one-stop-shop” for transportation. They’re so invested in moving beyond cars that they plan to  slap Uber stickers on the scooters.   Let’s call it now: This is just the beginning of the scooter wars.

Tuesday 7/10

More bad news for Uber. Liane Hornsey, Chief People Officer for Uber, resigned by email to staff on Tuesday, after being investigated on how she handled allegations of racial discrimination. She gave no reason why she quit and hasn’t responded to questions about it.

Wednesday 7/11

Wired made it clear that Uber and Lyft aren’t fans of apps that resembles the Kayak or (remember that search engine?) of rideshare. Bellhop is just the latest of these apps to pop-up, allowing riders to compare 17 services offered by  Uber, Lyft, Juno, and Curb—in New York, with plans to add more services and expand to more cities soon.

Thursday 7/12

You know rideshare has REALLY hit the mainstream when it’s the center of movie plots. “The Equalizer 2” features Denzel Washington as a Lyft-Driver-Turned assassin. The question is, can he maintain a 5-star rating while shooting at people? I guess we need to see the movie to find out.

Friday 7/13

Last but not least, Uber is stepping up is background checks. From this point forward, background checks will be on an on-going basis, something that LegalRideshare specifically had stressed they should be doing. Uber told Axios they partnered with Checkr, and Appriss to provide safety data.

Have a great weekend!