Lyft and Uber try to win you over, Cargo makes a deal, and scooters find some love. Let’s break it down.

Monday 11/12

On Monday, Lyft announced its plans for a loyalty program, coming in December. According to The Verge, riders earn “points” based on the money they spend with Lyft. Those points can be exchanged for “rewards,” like free rides or vehicle upgrades.

Tuesday 11/13

In Colorado, an Uber driver was arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap a 15-year old. According to KKTV : “When she tried to get out she wasn’t able to because Muse had locked the doors, according to investigators. Then Muse reportedly kissed her against her will. He eventually unlocked the doors and the teen was able to escape.” 

Wednesday 11/14

On Wednesday, Uber announced its own rewards program. USA Today covered the story and explained that Uber riders can unlock different levels” by being frequent users of the app. Each level will open up perks, like discounted rides, better customer support and priority pickups at airports. Interesting that “customer support” is viewed as a perk.

Thursday 11/15

If you’re looking for a late night snack during your Uber ride home, look no further. Cargo, the mobile snack company, just partnered with Venmo. According to Bloomberg, this means getting snacks during your ride will be faster, easier, and without a need for driver intervention.

Friday 11/16

We end the week with some pro-scooter news. Spokane, WA just tested out Lime bikes and scooters with a surprising result: no complaints, protests or chaos. According to the article from Spokesman, “Lime wants to return to the city as soon as possible, and city officials have made their support of the program clear.” 

As always, have a safe and happy weekend!