Hundreds lose their license, more scooter mayhem, and drivers continue to protest. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

Monday 10/07

CNN reported that hundreds of people in Germany lost their licenses due to driving scooters drunk. The story explains: “In Germany, e-scooters, which were only legalized in June, are categorized as motorized vehicles. This means that drink-driving laws apply to riders — as some found out the hard way during the world’s largest beer festival.” 

Tuesday 10/08

Business Insider covered a story about one driver who laid out exactly how much he makes a week as a driver. It’s a long read as he breaks down each day, before finally laying it all out: “In total, I drove 11 trips on Uber and 16 trips on Lyft, for a total of 27 trips. I worked 13.75 hours in total. I made $152.57 on Uber and $104.77 on Lyft for $257.34 in gross pay, which gave me an average of $18.72 per hour before expenses.”

Wednesday 10/09

Whenever a story starts out with “Florida man”, it’s usually not good. USA Today reported on a Florida man cutting the breaks on electric scooters. Not just one or two, but 140: “During their investigation, police observed surveillance video of Williams walking around the neighborhood ‘in a stealthy fashion utilizing the shadows and alleyways to conceal the movements,’ according to the arrest report.”

Thursday 10/10

In NYC, Uber and Lyft drivers, along with the Independent Drivers Guild protested the new rules in place for the rideshare companies. ABC7 reported: “‘Drivers are mad and with good reason,’ Independent Drivers Guild executive director Brendan Sexton said. ‘Uber and Lyft are gaming New York City’s rules at the expense of thousands of low income drivers, and the city has failed to stop them. Because of the city’s inaction, thousands of families across New York City are struggling to make ends meet.'” 

Friday 10/11

In San Francisco, a new measure called Proposition D is being announced to help alleviate traffic by helping pay for better public transportation. San Francisco Chronicle wrote: “The city estimates that Prop. D would bring in $30 million to $35 million a year… ” 

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