Uber goes monthly, traffic gets worse and Chicago gets more rideshare protests. Let’s break it down.

Monday 10/29

On Monday, one driver detailed his experiences driving for Uber and Lyft. The driver racked up more than 5,000 miles on the platforms and explained the key difference. The results? There is a near-universal consensus that Lyft treats its drivers better than Uber.” He goes on to call Uber riders “higher class.”

Tuesday 10/30

On Tuesday, Uber announced “Ride Pass,” a subscription service for riders. The Verge covered the story, reporting it’ll cost $14.99 a month and is currently available in Los Angeles, Austin, Orlando, Denver, and Miami. 

Wednesday 10/31

On Halloween, we went out to support the Chicago Rideshare Advocates as they rallied in downtown Chicago. Take a Look!

Thursday 11/01

Are Uber and Lyft taking cars off the road? Apparently not. Huffington Post ran an article breaking down why traffic is getting worse. According to the study: “San Francisco now has over 20 times more ride-share vehicles than official cabs. In New York, registered transportation network companycars outnumber yellow cabs six to one.”

Friday 11/02

We end the week with some interesting scooter news. Turns out Elon Musk, the man leading the way for electric cars, space travel, and the like, isn’t a big fan of electric scooters. According to Vox, he thinks they “lacked dignity”.

Have a safe and happy weekend!