We jump on a rideshare podcast, vandals cutting scooter brakes, and Uber helicopter rides. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

Monday 9/30

Co-founder and attorney of LegalRideshare, Bryant Greening, hopped on the GR Rideshare podcast. You can watch the video here!

Tuesday 10/01

NBC 10 reported a tragic story where a woman jumped out of a Uber and was hit by another car. The woman survived, but is critical condition. NBC added: “The driver told Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra that Cano seemed confused as she was being driven home, and the next thing the driver knew, the passenger’s door was opening.”  

Wednesday 10/02

Lime scooter vandal Florida

Vandalizing scooters is not only a major concern, it’s become a trend on pages like “Bird Graveyard”. On wednesday, a Florida man was caught cutting the breaks off of scooters. Business insider reported: “‘Further investigation revealed a total of 20 scooters were located nearby with severed brake lines,‘ police said, adding that more than 140 electric scooters — from multiple operators — throughout the city have been vandalized since April.” 

Thursday 10/03

The GW Hatchet reported that Lyft has added maps of protected bike lanes to its app in cities like D.C. and and New York. Lyft says it’s using this as a means to increase safety. The article added: “…the feature will become increasingly important for riders as the city builds more bike paths. The District Department of Transportation plans to build a protected bike lane running through Foggy Bottom on 20th and 21st streets in the next few years.”

Friday 10/04

We end the week with some in-the-air news. CNN Business reported on the experience of taking Uber’s new helicopter service. To put simply, the ride was…expensive. They added:  “I paid $205 for a one way Uber Copter trip to the airport — an experience that, start to finish, took me 55 minutes to complete. That fee included a 19-minute Uber X car ride from the Lower East Side 2.8 miles to the heliport, as well as a 5-minute trip to my final destination…”

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