Chicago gets a rally, Pentagon declares war on scooters and a burglar uses them to escape. Lets break it down.

Monday 9/17

(Photo credit: Chicago Rideshare Advocates)

On Monday,  Chicago Rideshare Advocates held a rally to protest abuse and low wages. The rally got national press, including an article in Forbes: “Nobody wants to ban Uber and Lyft. Nobody wants that,” Eli Martin, a co-organizer of Chicago Rideshare Advocates told the Sun-Times. “We all like this, we just have to make it work better.”

Tuesday 9/18

Uber’s new Instant Pay wasn’t so….instant. In fact, a technical glitch stopped it from paying drivers at all. According to East Bay TimesUber said it was fixed, although some drivers are saying its after-effects linger.

Wednesday 9/19

On Wednesday, the Pentagon declared war….on scooters. Last week, Pentagon police in one day found seven abandoned, stand-up style motorized scooters around its property. So now, they will be impounded.

Thursday 9/20

(Courtesy of Christina Wright)

In St. Paul, Lime scooters have really caught on….FIRE. Apparently, a fire broke out while a woman was charging *eight* Lime scooters. According to Twin Cities Pioneer Press, the spark was likely due to an overload of the electrical system. A Lime spokeswoman said, “We are in contact with the individual, and are looking into the matter.”

Friday 9/21

We end the week with a bit of unfortunate and unusual news. According to the Indy Star, a burglar stole items from a house, then fled using a Bird scooter. By the time the homeowner realized the theft, the burglar was long gone. A neighbor later reported that a suspicious man had driven off on a scooter. 

Bird said in a statement it’s “investigating the situation” and “cooperating with local authorities.”

As always, have a safe and happy weekend!