Yep. Scooters.

This week in rideshare we’ve seen stories about Uber promising safety (again), a drunk Lyft driver case we’re currently handling, and of course the race to be #1 in scooters. Let’s break it down

Monday 6/4

On Monday, Uber sent an email to its app users stressing new safety features coming soon. These include the ability to share trip details with “trusted contacts,” a button to call 911, as well as a pledge to re-run background checks on drivers each year. 

Tuesday 6/5

LegalRideshare officially filed a complaint against Lyft, after our client’s Lyft driver was driving drunk and crashed the car she was a passenger in. Anne Morgan requested a Lyft ride to O’Hare International Airport. During the ride, the Lyft driver allegedly missed an exit and slammed on his brakes in highway traffic. Another vehicle immediately crashed into the Lyft car, causing Morgan to be thrown wildly. 

More info about the case can be found here.

Wednesday 6/6

MONEY MONEY MONEY. Uber is dropping $500 million on a new ad campaign. This big ad push is the first of its kind for the company. There’s no surprise that Uber is looking to untarnish its reputation, and it looks like $500 million is the entry fee.  

Thursday 6/7

Scooters! Thursday we learned that Uber and Lyft are fighting to win the electric scooter space. Uber confirmed to Business Insider that the JUMP is applying for a scooter permit in its hometown of San Francisco. That now makes at least seven companies fighting for scooter permits in San Francisco.   

Friday 6/8

We wrap up the week with a bit from across the pond. Back in September, London Mayor Sadiq Khan canceled the ride-hailing app’s license to operate in the city, citing among its grounds Uber’s inadequate working conditions and failures to report sexual assault. Uber’s appeal is coming up on June 25, and according to, is “starting to look a little nervous.

Enjoy your weekend and as always drive (and be driven) safely!