Safety tips for rideshare passengers, investors call Uber’s bluff on going green, and LegalRideshare heads to a rally. Let’s break it down.

Monday 4/1

On Monday, Business Insider posted some safety tips for Uber and Lyft customers. The article came in response to the tragic murder of a South Carolina college student, who mistakenly got in the wrong car. LegalRideshare recommends always confirming your driver’s name, license plate number, and car make/model before entering an Uber or Lyft.

Tuesday 4/2

Lyft and Uber have made big promises about “going green,” but some investors aren’t buying it. One environmentally-focused investor told Business Insider, “As far as I can tell, they’re actually putting more cars into the congested areas, and they’re pulling business out of the transit systems.

Wednesday 4/3

What happens when your rideshare car breaks down? For one mother, it was a pretty harrowing event. ABC7Chicago reported that the woman‘s Lyft driver made her (and her a baby!) exit the vehicle and walk down the freeway to hail another ride.

Thursday 4/4

Apparently, Uber and Lyft aren’t committing to a long-term relationship with their drivers. ABC7 San Francisco reported, “Many companies are already in the process of testing alternatives, a driverless future, one where self-driving cars will take over for human drivers.”

Friday 4/5

We end the week with some inspiring footage from the Chicago Rideshare Advocates Rally. Rideshare drivers are uniting nationwide for better wages and conditions. Take a look!

Have a safe and great weekend!