Bird and Lime face a class action lawsuit, Uber gets more heat and D.C. is getting a drop zone. Let’s break it down.

Monday 10/22

On Monday, news broke of a class action lawsuit against both Bird and Lime. Curbed reported the plaintiffs’ claims range from “aiding and abetting assault” to public nuisance. 

Tuesday 10/23

Looks like Uber is hungry…for food delivery. On Tuesday, CNBC reported that Uber plans to expand food delivery to 70% of the US. It makes sense since Uber Eats is the nation’s fastest growing meal-delivery service, according Business Insider.

Wednesday 10/24

Whyy in Philadelphia reported on another rideshare assault. An Uber driver allegedly asked his female passenger to “uncross her legsout of “common courtesy”. The incident quickly turned violent, with the driver attacking the woman and bystanders coming to the rescue. The woman has since filed a lawsuit alleging negligence, assault and battery.  

Thursday 10/25

Uber and Lyft are getting blamed for a rise in US traffic deaths. According to a University of Chicago and Rice University study, traffic deaths fell to their lowest number just before Uber launched in San Francisco. Technology Review covered the study in depth.

Friday 10/26

We end the week with some good news for D.C. rideshare passengers (and non-passengers). The Washington Post reported that the nation’s capital is designating curbside space for ride-hailing services, so as to reduce vehicle congestion and free-up bike lanes. We’ll be watching closely to see how the plan plays out and whether other cities follow suit.

As always, have a safe and happy weekend!