High Taxes and Hard Trivia

This week in rideshare we raised eyebrows at D.C.’s new taxes and scratched our heads over Trivia Challenge. Scooters stay hot as Skedaddle joins the long list of potential buy-outs from Uber. Let’s break it down.

Monday 7/2

Washington D.C. pulled no punches when it decided to raise taxes for Uber and Lyft drivers by 500%. Yep, 500%. This is in response to the lack of popularity among the city’s Metro system. Ridership is so bad there’s even a site to see if the Metro is on fire, called Is Metro on Fire?

Tuesday 7/3

News about Uber and Lyft’s move from cars to bikes and scooters continues. CNNtech dives deep into this current trend, with Uber explaining it has “aggressive plans” to expand Jump’s business. Clearly, they don’t care how you get from point A to point B, as long as you’re doing it using their services. 

Wednesday 7/4

Uber brushed off a report it was looking at buying out Careem, its Middle-East competitor. As the article from TechCrunch notes. “everyone is talking to everyone”.

Thursday 7/5

It’s Trivia Thursday time! JennyMilk  puts more Uber drivers to the test. Can Darren come out on top or does Jenny swerve him off course? Watch the video to find out.

Friday 7/6

Let’s Skedaddle! Or at least that’s what Uber is thinking. For over a month, Uber has been in talks with Skedaddle. It’s not too surprising considering Uber appears to want to buy any related to transportation. According to Forbes, it’s unclear if Uber will go through with it, but the report is significant. 

Have a great weekend!