In this special edition of “This Week in Rideshare”, we focus exclusively on scooter accidents and one in particular that has LegalRideshare in the front of the headlines.

The Story: Allyson Medeiros

On June 20th, Allyson Medeiros, a 32-year-old Chicago-based tattoo artist, was biking home after work when he was struck head-on by a scooter rider. Allyson was knocked unconscious and the scooter rider fled. LegalRideshare’s co-founder and attorney, Bryant Greening, reached out to Allyson to help, which is where “This Week in Rideshare” begins:     


Monday 7/8

CBS was one of the first to reach out to LegalRideshare.  “He was hospitalized due to the accident and still has trouble talking after undergoing a surgery on his jaw, his attorney Bryant Greening said.” 

CNET quickly followed, asking Bryant Greening the details of the crash. “We’re here today because a coward left Allyson battered and bloody in the middle of the street, and by remaining silent, the responsible scooter company allows that coward to hide in the shadows.” Greening also told Chicago Suntimes: “The responsible parties must be held accountable, including covering the costs of the medical bills, lost wages and pain.”  

Tuesday 7/9

The next day, NBC5 Chicago reported on the scooter accident and spoke with Bryant Greening.

Wednesday 7/10

By Wednesday, Bryant was on WGN Radio and the story had gone national when The Washington Post and Gizmodo covered it. Greening added, “By putting them on notice and then filing this action, we believe that it would be unlawful for this data to go missing. And Allyson’s chances at recovery entirely depend on the responsible parties being discovered.”

Thursday 7/11

By Thursday, even one of the largest and award-winning zines, Boing Boing, picked it up.

This story is just one of the dozens we have heard all over the country. As a law firm that specializes in accidents and injuries involving Uber, Lyft, Divvy and scooters, our focus is always safety and accountability.

Ride safe this weekend!