Restaurants push back, Uber dives into ads, and self-driving cars takes a turn. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

Monday 11/04

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While Grubhub and Uber Eats may seem great for its users, it’s apparently crushing small to mid-sized restaurants. Reuters explains: “They hate the relationship and they are getting raked over the coals,” said Ben Gaddis, president of T3, a digital marketing and tech consultant to restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Schlotzsky’s. “The smaller they are, the more it impacts their margins.” According to the article, the restaurants are fighting massive competition and losing large shares of profits to the platforms. 

Tuesday 11/05

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(Source: NBC4 Los Angeles)

As the new procedures at LAX have caused chaos in riders trying to find Uber and Lyft cars, some drivers have turned it into an opportunity. Los Angeles Times reported: “Lyft raised prices and kicked in subsidies to encourage drivers not to abandon the airport. Valdez said that one of his riders spent about $42 on a four-mile trip and that Lyft sweetened the deal, paying him $57.90.” 

Wednesday 11/06

In an effort to find new ways to generate money, Uber has announced it’s entering the ads business. On Wednesday, TechCrunch explained: “The potential for Eats ads stems from Uber’s place as a destination for choosing what to eat, not just ordering it. Wherever there is discovery, there are opportunities for paid discovery.”  

Thursday 11/07

Driver too talkative but don’t want to say anything? According to a report by Mashable, that appears to be the case. “More than half of surveyed riders said they’d rather their driver stayed silent during the ride. More than 40 percent said their driver has annoyed them in some way, so it’s not just constrained to talking too much.” The study also explains that a solid 83% of drivers are annoyed by their passengers. The feeling’s mutual, I guess.

Friday 11/08

We end the week with more unfavorable revelations for Uber. While Uber has often touted its self-driving unit as the future, its just been discovered that the tech isn’t theirs…’s designed by Waymo. What does that mean? More expenses and more time. The Observer explains: “Uber warned investors in a regulatory filing this week that the recent expert findings “will likely result in a license fee or in design changes that could require substantial time and resources to implement, and could limit or delay our production of autonomous vehicle technologies.”  

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