Uber’s major party foul, drivers heckle the driver-less, and fake surges continue. Let’s break it down.

Monday 6/10

On Monday, Uber invited drivers throughout Chicago to attend an “Uber appreciation event” at the Museum of Science and Industry. On paper, it sounded great. In reality, it was a disaster. Thousands flooded the museum, traffic jams filled the streets and hundreds were turned away. It ended so poorly the Chicago Tribune reported on it a few days later. 

Tuesday 6/11

It’s the return of the Lyft bikes! CNN reported on Tuesday that Lyft has put its bikes back on the streets, after resolving serious safety issues. CNN notes, “The new e-bikes have a different braking system on the front wheel, using a disc brake instead of a roller brake. Following the crashes, Shimano, the manufacturer of the roller brake, said Lyft hadn’t included a component to prevent excessive braking.”

Wednesday 6/12

BuzzFeed reported that drivers in New York have seen their wages go to $16 per trip, up from $14. While higher wages is positive, some drivers are still feeling crunches with unsteady work. 

Thursday 6/13

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Driverless cars apparently aren’t immune to road rage, according to Business Insider. The article explains: “According to Meyhofer, the bullying comes from both pedestrians and other road users. It takes the form of rude gestures and utterances, challenging the cars to brake, driving up close behind them, and tending not to give the cars right of way at junctions.”  

Friday 6/14

The surges are…surging. That’s because more and more drivers are creating fake demand. As reported by Business Insider, drivers have learned how to create artificial surges to boost profits. They’re even calling themselves the “surge club”.

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