We take on an underinsured motorist, scary stories from rideshare drivers and a plea for autonomous standards. Let’s break it down. 

Monday 9/10

Attorney Bryant Greening explains one of our current cases involving an underinsured motorist and how we’re helping the injured Uber driver. Take a look.

Tuesday 9/11

For one Las Vegas passenger, the Uber ride she thought was hers, was no Uber at all. Things escalated quickly and went from confusion to terror. According to KTNV, the passenger was held captive and jumped out of the moving vehicle to escape.

Wednesday 9/12

On Wednesday, researchers demanded answers: Is a taxi or Uber driver more likely to rip you off on the way to the airport? According to Marketwatch, taxis take unnecessarily long detours on about 7% of such routes. Uber drivers are apparently kept honest by the app’s rating system.

Thursday 9/13

A man was arrested for allegedly assaulting an Uber driver in Colorado. The driver? A grandmother. It gets worse. According to KKTV11, “He got my lip/he bashed me in the mouth/this tooth is shoved up in and twisted/he split the skin like a boxer/everyone tells me my ear is really swollen.”

Friday 9/14

Photo: Volkswagen

To end the week, here’s an interesting twist for VW. According to CNETVolkswagen is in the process of developing an “industry-wide alliance” in the self-driving space. The reason? VW reportedly believes that such an alliance will help companies mitigate future legal troubles.  

Go forth, Volkswagen. We’re always for proactive safety measures.

Have a safe and happy weekend!