Lyft expands its app, a e-scooter company rewards helmet users, and Taxi spending surges. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

Monday 9/23

News 6 reported a Lyft driver who “feared for her life” after picking up a passenger. According to the story: “He told me he was the boss and I would be listening to him,” Hopkins recalled. That’s when Hopkins pushed the “SOS” button on the Lyft app using her navigation. The feature had to transfer the call to three different departments before alerting the Owasso police.  

Tuesday 9/24

So many ways to get around.

The Lyft app has recently gotten a face-lift, offering easy ways to access bike-shares, e-scooters, car rentals, and even the city bus. Mashable reported: If you live in a city where Lyft runs a bike-share program, you’ll see nearby bikes to rent. Same with e-scooters, rentals, and nearby buses or trains.    

Wednesday 9/25

Protect your noggin.

It’s no secret that e-scooters come with their share of injuries and it only appears to be getting worse. However, a new e-scooter company is rewarding riders who wear a helmet. Mashable explains: Using AI, users scan their mug into the app and the program will determine if they’ve got on proper headwear or not.   

Thursday 9/26

After a Washington Post article highlighted the issues with passenger safety, Uber unveiled new features to keep riders safe, including a PIN system. CBS News explains: The driver enters the PIN, you get an indication, a notification on your phone saying yes this is the right car,” explained Sachin Kansal, Uber’s senior director of safety product management.

Friday 9/27

A week ends with surprisingly positive news for the Taxi industry: Americans have spent four times as much money on taxi trips last year as they did in 2013. StreetBlog goes into detail: Americans took 3.9 billion trips in all varieties of taxis, including old school hails or app-based cabs in 2018. That’s up 50 percent from the 2.6 billion trips people made just two years ago. The number is poised to grow as Uber and Lyft expand into new markets.

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