New York aims for a minimum wage, Bird scooters cause havoc, and Lance Armstrong thanks Uber. Let’s break it down.

Monday 12/03

Ex-Uber security employees say they have information regarding some “deeply troubling practices.” According to Bloomberg, the former employees allegedly observed “potentially criminal initiatives against competitors, secret capabilities embedded in Uber’s smartphone applications, and offensive intrusions into the privacy of users.”

Tuesday 12/04

On Tuesday, NYC Uber drivers got a raise. According to Fast Company, “The drivers are guaranteed to receive at least base hourly wage that begins at $17.22–the local minimum wage of $15, plus an additional amount for driver expenses.”

Wednesday 12/05

What does a Bird, the wind and a car have in common? Apparently $460 in property damage. Per IndyStar, a gust of wind blew a Bird scooter into a car, causing a dent on its hood. The driver reported the incident to Bird, who in turn offered to pay a whopping 25% of the repair bill. Needless to say, the driver won’t be downloading a scooter app in the near future.

Thursday 12/06

For a man who made his name riding bicycles, Lance Armstrong sure is a fan of one car-centric service. In 2009, the Tour de France champion invested $100,000 in Uber. According to Marketwatch:  Armstrong, 47, would not reveal how much his investment would be worth, but told Sorkin it’s a number that is “too good to be true.”  

Friday 12/07

The week ends with a little love from WVON 1690AM. LegalRideshare Co-Founder Bryant Greening sat down with Art “Chat Daddy” Sims to talk all things rideshare, including the perils of inadequate insurance.

As always, have a safe and happy weekend!