Uber announced a pilot program last week offering injury protection for its drivers. The insurance, which is similar to workers’ compensation, covers medical expenses and wage loss for drivers who sustain on-the-job injuries. 

So, how’s it work? Uber’s fares are set to increase by approximately 5 cents per mile. Drivers can opt-in by allocating that money to the insurance plan. Those who opt-in are covered up to $1 million and have no co-pay or deductible. 

The coverage can literally be a lifesaver, as it will compensate drivers and their medical providers in (essentially) real time. That means drivers will have access to the treatment they need to get back on the road. Further, the wage loss coverage will lessen the financial burden of being unable to work. 

While Uber’s relationship with its drivers has been rocky, to say the least, this program is a step in the right direction. LegalRideshare supports this measure and encourages drivers to opt-in. 

As with any accident/injury insurance plan, drivers must be cautious of legal loopholes. LegalRideshare urges drivers to contact us immediately after an accident.