Gridwise helps rideshare and delivery drivers maximize their earnings and save thousands on their taxes with automatic mileage tracking, earnings comparisons across platforms, airport flight details, and more.

Driver Dash Cam App

Driver, The Dash Cam App, turns your phone into a dash cam. With background recording (Android only) and dual camera mode, you can easily switch between rideshare/delivery apps while having the protection of internal and external video recording. Driver, The Dash Cam App, is free to download and use.

Chicago Rideshare
3464 N Knox Avenue 60641
Chicago, Illinois

Since 2018, we’ve been offering our customers a unique and unrestricted rental experience with a wide selection of quality fuel efficient vehicles in our locally owned and operated store. Come visit us to browse our inventory, chat with our team, and just to have fun.

Collision World
3464 N Knox Avenue 60641
Chicago, Illinois

Collision World provides high quality collision repairs to our customers. Towing and loaners available. In addition to repairs, they are a car rental company for Rideshare drivers. We have no restrictions and offer our own free service at one of our service centers for the renters along with 24hr towing.

Traffic Collision 101 - Courses

Courses are designed to provide an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to properly document a traffic collision in order to increase knowledge and safety on the road.

Maximum Ridesharing Profits

Maximum Ridesharing Profits is an online course created to help you reach your fullest earnings potential. Whether you are a 1,000 ride veteran or a new driver looking to get a strong start, this course offers the expert-level knowledge and tactics that you need to thrive.